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February 2016

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demonkingkenji in vet_nurses


G'day I'm Cameron McKenzie also known as DemonKingKenji or just Kenji(by friends). I'm 20 and I'm currently studying Cert 3 in animal studies/vet nursing which I decided to do after completing my Cert 2 in animal studies also I plan to continue onto study Cert 4 in vet nursing in the near future.
I'm quite enjoying studying to become a vet nurse as most of the people I have met have all been really kind and easy to get along with. I just came across this blog place and decided it may be a good chance to express how I feel about vet nursing and to maybe mingle with other people studying like I am and people who are fully qualified vet nurses as I don't really get a chance to talk to vet nurses in general.
I am actually kind of nervous as I have work placement in a clinic coming up in August and I've never worked in a vet clinic before, I have talked to my mentor about this who is a vet nurse him self and he said I should just relax, ask lots of questions and ask if I can help out a lot. If anyone else has any tips or advice for me I would be eternally grateful.
Also one last thing how often do you see males in the vet nurse industry just curious as nearly every vet nurse I've seen or met were all female.

Thank you for reading my longish introduction have a nice day.