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February 2016

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swirlingmuse in vet_nurses

I hope no one minds me posting this here...

Sadly I'm completely crap at decision making and I just wanted to hear what others thought about the choices I'm facing at the moment.

I currently have a unconditional offer to study English Literature at Sheffield university this year and I think I'd enjoy it. However a opportunity has arisen for me to become a trainee veterinary nurse at a local vets which is also very tempting. Which leaves me stuck between studying or getting a job. Both have pro's and con's but none of them leave feeling any wiser in terms of making an actual decision. I know it's down to me in the end as I'm the one who's going to be doing it but I just feel absolutely stuck 

Has anyone here faced a similar dilemma? What did you do? Do you regret the choice you made? Would you have done things differently in hindsight? What would you do in my position?


In my opinion, do your literature course. That way further down the track if you decide you do want to take up veterinary nursing.. and you do.. and then all of the sudden you decide its not for you, then at least you have your degree to fall back on.
To be utterly materialistic for a moment; whichever choice you take, you're going to be effectively poor for the next few years, whether it's through living off student grants or trying to survive on trainee wages (which, having been an SVN in the Sheffield area, are utter wank and require much in the way of shoring up with tax credits, housing benefits and any other financial support available), so it's really a case of whichever choice you honestly think you'll enjoy more.

If it's the idea of going to university that's appealing to you, have you considered going through clearing for a late-place on one of the BSc Vet Nursing courses? (which kinda compounds the 'poor' thing into new and freaky highs, speaking from experience).

It can be really hard to get a foot in the door at a practice for any kind of volunteer position, let alone an employed position with a view to training (and harder so, as more practices fail to renew their TP status-- something which I also have experience, as I'm an A1 assessor as well as an RVN), but as a corollary, unconditional place offers for any kind of university course don't come along every day.

*is really not all that helpful*

I'd suggest making a list of all the pros and cons of both options (and get someone else to help you, as they might see things that you wouldn't) so you can tally them up against each other and see which one comes out on top.