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Feb. 12th, 2016


Qualified vet nurse looking to continue career

Hi Everyone,

I completed my veterinary nurse qualification back in 2014, I have been out of clinical practice for a year and a half and am trying to find a way back into the industry. Aside from seeking voluntary work placement or kennel hand/reception work I really wanted to know what other routes I can take or any advise regarding my issue.

Thank you :)

Sep. 9th, 2015

Jemma Burch

Surgery times 👌

Hi, I was wanting to pick some brains. I am looking to change our system of writing down intubation, start surgery, end surgery and extubation times. I want the system to be so times are recorded 100% and not just relying on remembering to do so. Just wondering if anyone has any little tricks to get the whole team remembering effectively x

Jun. 30th, 2014



G'day I'm Cameron McKenzie also known as DemonKingKenji or just Kenji(by friends). I'm 20 and I'm currently studying Cert 3 in animal studies/vet nursing which I decided to do after completing my Cert 2 in animal studies also I plan to continue onto study Cert 4 in vet nursing in the near future.
I'm quite enjoying studying to become a vet nurse as most of the people I have met have all been really kind and easy to get along with. I just came across this blog place and decided it may be a good chance to express how I feel about vet nursing and to maybe mingle with other people studying like I am and people who are fully qualified vet nurses as I don't really get a chance to talk to vet nurses in general.
I am actually kind of nervous as I have work placement in a clinic coming up in August and I've never worked in a vet clinic before, I have talked to my mentor about this who is a vet nurse him self and he said I should just relax, ask lots of questions and ask if I can help out a lot. If anyone else has any tips or advice for me I would be eternally grateful.
Also one last thing how often do you see males in the vet nurse industry just curious as nearly every vet nurse I've seen or met were all female.

Thank you for reading my longish introduction have a nice day.

Mar. 6th, 2008


(no subject)

Hi all

I am a vet nurse in Australia and having a bit of a crisis - I am really struggling with the wage to survive, and have found that it is also really interfering with areas of my private life...Im looking to explore what options I have.

I wanted to ask a slightly off topic question -
How many of you are considering leaving the industry / have left the industry? What made you leave ? What are you doing now and do you enjoy it?

No flames thanks! I really do adore nursing and found it highly satisfying but alas, I think I need more from a career....

Apr. 14th, 2008



(no subject)

Hi I'm Chrissy, and I'm 18 from New Zealand...

I started an Animal Care course on March 3rd through Weltec... and it only lasts 17 weeks, then I'll be going onto a Vet Nursing course in July. :-)

I've wanted to work with animals (in any capacity really) since I was four and got my first cat.

I've volunteered at the SPCA since I was 15, and for the 6 months after I quit school, and before I started my course I virtually volunteered full time at the SPCA 7.30am-5.00pm, sometimes later. But I learnt SO much, and it became my second home.

I just got a reception job at the SPCA, just for a Sunday -- as I still need time to study!! And I still volunteer there every chance I get. :-)

So yes, that's about it... and here's a picture of my bunny just to make my post more interesting: (Her name is Anya.. and I adopted her from the SPCA at the end of February.


Jun. 3rd, 2008



Hi everyone,

My name is Simone, I've just stumbled onto this community (which I'm hoping isn't dead)to introduce myself and hopefully get to know some of you lovely people who work into the veterinary industry.

I've never been good at decision making and after spending most of my life being undecided on what I should do with the rest of it I discovered the career of veterinary nursing, I'm 22 and live in a small town on the south coast of Australia, I've loved animals my whole life and have always been around varying species (my boyfriend and I currently own 2 dogs, 2 turtles, 2 snakes, birds and fish) I've always explored different avenues of work but nothing seems to appeal to me more than vet nursing. I am hoping to attempt to start a TAFE course and gain either work or volunteer work in a veterinary clinic in the near future to begin my career. The course will have to be done via correspondence as the TAFE near me doesn't offer any of the courses i require. I'm very nervous and a little frightened about taking the plunge in deciding what I want to do for the rest of my life and thought this community would be a great source of advice and knowledge from all of your previous experiences.

Thanks in advance :)

Jul. 12th, 2007


Dead cats dogs found in pet food!

UPDATE: List of foods and actual lawsuit link:
Mars inc, Proctor and gamble co. Colgate Palmolive co. Del Monte foods,
co. Nestle USA, inc. Nutro Products inc, Menu foods, inc. Menu Foods Income
fund Publix supermarkets Winn Dixie super markets Petco animal supplies Pet
Supermarket, inc. Petsmart inc. Target corp Wal-mart stores, inc.


Thank you for the update madlovescience!

PLEASE don't watch the video if you have a weak stomach, it may be a bit much.


X-posted like whoa.

Jul. 11th, 2007



I hope no one minds me posting this here...

Sadly I'm completely crap at decision making and I just wanted to hear what others thought about the choices I'm facing at the moment.

I currently have a unconditional offer to study English Literature at Sheffield university this year and I think I'd enjoy it. However a opportunity has arisen for me to become a trainee veterinary nurse at a local vets which is also very tempting. Which leaves me stuck between studying or getting a job. Both have pro's and con's but none of them leave feeling any wiser in terms of making an actual decision. I know it's down to me in the end as I'm the one who's going to be doing it but I just feel absolutely stuck 

Has anyone here faced a similar dilemma? What did you do? Do you regret the choice you made? Would you have done things differently in hindsight? What would you do in my position?

May. 8th, 2007


new message board

I just created a message board for veterinary technicians to talk about school, work, life etc.
http://vettechnicians.freepowerboards.com Come check it out!

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